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Welcome to my new website!
Here you will find all my latest updates and be the first to know of what's happening and what's gonna happen (Mini-related aha). Make sure you sign up so you can become a part of the XYZ community and get involved  

There is a forums page here where you can comment on threads i have made, however you can also make your own threads and start some conversation among other followers and members of the XYZ comunity. I have added some general topics and hopefully you guys will help make the threads active, but i also encourage you guys to make threads (don't forget)

I am currently going to stay as the only Admin however if the community gets to a certain vastness then i will start assigning people higher ranks to help organize and maintain the site however that probably wont be for a while. So for now just sign up and become a member

Invite others
Although i really want this to be a community where all my subscribers can communicate with me and others freely and openly however even people who ahven't heard of me or my work could still join the community and of curse get to know what we're all about Would be great to see this grow a lot.

Yeah-yeah >.> the "R" word. Really there arent many rules here, i censored a few curse words just to help keep this clean. Try and keep swearing to a minimum on the forums at least. Also be respectful to other members (especially ones of higher authority as they may have the ability to give infractions). Other than that, just have fun and be open

That's it! Just sign up, fill out a basic profile with a name and pic and lets bring some life to a growing community!

Also please consider donating, visit my  Fundraising Campaign Page for more information
Suggestions for Website, youtube channel, videos, contests, etc.. Share em' here!
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